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Anti-Virus software management
Helps prevent and detect malicious codes

Virus protection is now a core business requirement due to the increasing frequency of rapidly spreading, destructive viruses. However, protection at the firewall and email gateway alone does not provide sufficient protection. Comprehensive virus protection at the network server, network workstation, even a stand-alone computer tiers is needed to ensure system uptime and user productivity.

Compu2000 recommends Symantec AntiVirus™ Corporate Edition because it provides enterprise-wide, scalable, cross-platform virus protection and new expanded threat detection and threat categorization which recognizes unwanted applications such as spyware and adware for workstations and network servers throughout the enterprise to ensure system uptime and user productivity.

The anti-virus software management service includes:
• Managed antivirus perimeter defense
• Managed antivirus vendor product updates
• Managed URL filtering

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